A Mágica do Hip Hop
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CD- R. KELLY - TP.3 RELOADED ( 2005)
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Track listing

"Playa's Only" (featuring The Game) (Produced by Scott Storch and R. Kelly) (S. Storch, R. Kelly, J. Taylor) (3:54)
"Happy Summertime" (featuring Snoop Dogg) (R. Kelly, C. Broadus) (3:38)
"In the Kitchen" (R. Kelly) (3:37)
"Slow Wind" (R. Kelly) (3:21)
"Put My T-Shirt On" (R. Kelly) (4:30)
"Remote Control" (R. Kelly) (5:19)
"Kickin' It with Your Girlfriend" (R. Kelly) (3:34)
"Reggae Bump Bump" (featuring Elephant Man) (R. Kelly, O. Bryan) (5:21)
"Touchin'" (featuring Nivea) (5:00)
"Girls Go Crazy" (featuring Baby) (R. Kelly, B. Williams) (4:29)
"Hit It Till the Mornin'" (featuring Twista & Do or Die) (R. Kelly, C. Mitchell, D. Round, D. Smith) (4:18)
"Sex Weed" (R. Kelly) (4:25)
"(Sex) Love Is What We Makin'" (R. Kelly) (3:37)
"Burn It Up" (featuring Wisin & Yandel) (produced by Luny Tunes and co-produced by R. Kelly) (R. Kelly, Luney Tunes, Wisin & Yandel) (3:51)
"Trapped in the Closet Chapter 1" (R. Kelly) (3:25)
"Trapped in the Closet Chapter 2" (R. Kelly) (3:15)
"Trapped in the Closet Chapter 3" (R. Kelly) (3:15)
"Trapped in the Closet Chapter 4" (R. Kelly) (3:15)
"Trapped in the Closet Chapter 5" (R. Kelly) (3:19)